In 2015, Nilfisk launched ‘Accelerate’, a new growth strategy for the 2015-2018 period. Accelerate is focused on growing market share and features a number of growth-generating initiatives

The new strategy builds on the foundation established by the 2010-2015 strategy and the goal of becoming ‘Customers’ Preferred Choice’. During the previous strategy, Nilfisk successfully increased customer satisfaction levels and strengthened market coverage by launching a number of initiatives to enlarge sales and service capability and build closer relationships with customers.

Growth aimed at market leadership 

Through Accelerate we seek to grow market share by seizing opportunities in the market, by investing in business growth and by making our offerings clear to the customers. Put simply, our ambition is to grow our business to lead the market.

The overlying goal of global market leadership includes initiatives to strengthen our company’s leading position in the high-end market of professional cleaning equipment. This will be backed by a strengthened focus in the mid-market for more basic cleaning products.
We strive to strengthen our company’s reach and position in emerging markets by continually investing in sales and marketing activities in these markets. Nilfisk also aims to play an active part in the global consolidation of the cleaning equipment industry and continues to seek relevant opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.
Strategic levers to support our growth

These growth initiatives are supported by four strategic levers, which set the direction for priorities in the upcoming strategy period:
1.    Strengthen front-end
2.    Drive competitive offerings
3.    Build strong brands
4.    Power supply chain performance
The foundation for realizing these levers is the development of an agile and commercial organization.



Strengthen front-end

As part of a continued focus on matching the needs and requirements of our customers, we will make further front-end investments, including sales and service resources and supporting systems.



Drive competitive offerings

We will keep developing our strong, innovative portfolio towards becoming even more accessible to and easier for our customers to understand, while paying continuous attention to the total cost of customer ownership.



Build strong brands

We have taken, and will take, several steps to unify our company’s brand with our global product brands to create a single strong global Nilfisk brand. Thus, Nilfisk will offer a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning solutions covering both professional and consumer businesses solutions.



Power supply chain performance

We will continue to further improve the customer delivery experience through our Global Supply Chain Transformation Program launched in 2013, while significantly reducing cost-to-serve and working capital.



Agile and commercial organization

Accelerating growth demands a strong and firm foundation consisting of a highly engaged workforce focused on performance. In Nilfisk, we will continue to work to improve and add to the skills of our employees and to support the roles of our managers.ation Program launched in 2013, while significantly reducing cost-to-serve and working capital.