Stationary cold water pressure washers

Nilfisk stationary cold-water solutions are for use in agriculture, industry, shipping and the food industry. From small-scale to industrial capacity, we have the solution for you. We offer heavy-duty pumps, stainless steel design and a high level of service. Nilfisk meets your needs.

Nilfisk  has the most complete range of stationary solutions on the market and is a trustworthy partner for your installation projects. We can either provide a standard product or modify it to your specific needs.

Machines can easily be installed in any location around your site. A carefully planned and optimized piping system will ensure that you can easily and quickly clean in any area of your installation.

Stationary units offer numerous advantages. For example, the units are pre-set for your own individual needs. You do not need to modify the settings, reducing the risk of error and reducing necessary training time.

There is no need to transport machines from one end of the site to the other or to purchase several mobile machines to fulfill all your cleaning tasks. By placing an outlet, a hose and lance, or an accessory, at each cleaning point provide that each user can be operational in seconds, reducing preparation time and labor costs.

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